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The first time I visited two things struck me: the extremely low prices for shared hosting and the informative value of the site. Sure, it entices users to buy hosting with some of the standard marketing tricks, but it also has plenty of legit info, while the monthly fees are unrealistically low.

Another thing I noticed while preparing the preliminary research for this Hostinger review was that this is a host with a strong technical pedigree. However, technically sound hosts are abundant on the pages of the Hosting Tribunal. More information was needed.

That’s why I purchased the Premium shared plan, installed a clean WordPress on it, and began monitoring its uptime and speed.

After months of testing, here’s what I can tell you about Hostinger, all summed up in an unbiased, detailed review.

What Is Hostinger?
Created in Lithuania some 15 years ago, Hostinger is an international brand with a very strong presence in many markets. This is a company that doesn’t bow to EIG or GoDaddy. Instead, it strives to create an empire of its own. Only that this empire feels surprisingly good.
After all, Hostinger created and still runs the biggest free website hosting provider. Now, 000webhost is not without its flaws – far from it – but the fact that it was conceptualized and realized by the people behind Hostinger, and still charges nothing because of them counts for something.


Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans

Hostinger offers extremely competitive pricing with excellent value for money and if you’re not satisfied with their service, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Though Hostinger doesn’t stop there, they also offer a free domain and SSL certificate across all web hosting plans.

Single Shared

$ 0.99

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Despite being the smallest plan that Hostinger offers, it offers ridiculous value for the price, especially for those looking to host their first website.

Business Shared Hosting

$ 3.99

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This plan offers some seriously competitive prices. Not only do you get everything that is included in the previous plans, but you also get free daily backups of your site, 4x the resources and WordPress optimization out of the box..