Protecting your e-commerce website

Barely a week will go by, in whichever country you live, without there being a news story about online security, hacking, scamming, cyber attacks or something along those lines. In fact, 57% of online businesses report a year-on-year increase in fraudulent losses, which can massively damage a business. Along with COVID-19, become a victim of … Continued

How does your web host affect your SEO rankings?

When trying to maximise the effectiveness of your company’s website, there are a number of factors to consider. Each of these involve skills and knowledge that take time to build. Two of the most important factors when building your website are choosing the right web host for you and optimising your content so it ranks … Continued

Which e-commerce solution should I use for my business?

Running a smooth online operation is the cornerstone of any retail business, no matter what industry you operate in. Whether it’s goods or services, physical or digital, you’ll struggle to grow in 2020 without a strong online system in place. Yet a strong e-commerce platform for your business is still one of the most important, … Continued